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Enjoy a beautiful lunch made completely with local ingredients in an idyllic garden setting. Oh, and pair it with local Willamette Vally wine for the perfect touch. Tour a working dairy farm and see what life is like for the cows. You can even try milking cow before sampling a bunch of delicious cheeses and ice cream! Tour a poultry farm where the chickens are truly well taken care of and allowed to roam free. Play with some resident pigs and learn about the sustainable practices that make this farm different than most.

The city has been voted one of the most popular in the U. S and as soon as you visit, it is easy to accompany why. The people are friendly; they are environmentally conscious most residents be carry their bikes through the city at the same time as opposed to taking a cabplus around are plenty of fun activities. After that then there are your typical capital attractions such as excellent dining, a great bar scene and thrilling chronological monuments that will keep you active throughout your stay. Attend the Bare Bike Ride Have you ever seen a streaker run past you? At once imagine hundred, if not thousands, of naked people leisurely riding on bikes through the city! The Naked Bicycle Ride is a clothing-optional event so as to is an unique once-in-a-lifetime attraction not to be missed, even if you are not participating. Showing support designed for the event is showing support designed for human powered transportation and minimizing our carbon footprint.

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