Dreamgirl Women's Fishnet Thigh-High Stockings with Silicone Lac

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It had its origin in humble manual beginnings. SinceFALKE has been run as a family company in the fourth generation and, as of today, has developed into an internationally operating premium company. Our expertise in high-quality legwear and fashion is recognized worldwide. It is the result of a long process that led from traditional craftsmanship, to special skills of a manufactory, to industrial production. The idea was and is to this day: to offer uniqueness in series. This idea is based on a solid foundation of values: unconditional quality, the highest level of craftsmanship and constant innovation. This is not only about the manufacturing and product quality, however, but all the facets of the FALKE brand. Nevertheless, each item of legwear is checked by experienced specialists at least ten times. They finish and perfect the products by hand, where machines meet their limits.

Legwear was back on the scene along with the introduction of ankle socks. It was the first synthetic fiber after that it combined extraordinary strength with flexibility. During World War II, however, DuPont had to stop their production of nylon stockings for creating parachutes, airplane cords and ropes which led en route for a shortage of stockings and a creation of a huge black advertise. Lycra, also known as Spandex before elastane, replaced the use of rubber in order to achieve stretchiness. Attire would stretch and rebound while care its shape. It dried even quicker, could be dyed easily and machine-washed as well.

Emilio Cavallini: Tights, hosiery, stockings, socks, meggings, and the famous Mantyhose for men. Give a touch of style en route for your legs! A great variety of trendy hosiery, leggings, timeless tights after that seductive stockings for women. We additionally offer easy-comfort meggings, warm mantyhose after that socks for men's everyday life. Emilio Cavallini: tights, hosiery, stockings, socks, meggings, and the famous mantyhose for men. They have passed through many hands and have been carefully inspected en route for meet your exacting standards. We additionally offer Men's garments such as socks, boxer brief, trunks, mantyhose tights designed for men and meggings leggings for men. All payments are processed using the PayPal system.

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