Pharrell says he's 'embarrassed' by Blurred Lines lyrics

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A propos sharing Image source, Getty Images Pharrell Williams says the controversy surrounding Distorted Lines made him realise some of his songs catered to a bigot culture. The singer says at at the outset he didn't understand why some ancestor saw the lyrics as rapey. Although he later realised that there are men who use the same dialect when taking advantage of a female. Blurred Lines was criticised by a few who claimed the lyrics referred en route for non-consensual sex. It was banned by several universities and an advert featuring the song and models from the video was also banned from afternoon TV in Image source, Getty Images Image caption, Pharrell collaborated along with Robin Thicke on Blurred Lines which was released in In an conference with GQ magazine , Pharrell, 46, said he was born in a different era and some things so as to were allowed at the time would never fly today.

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