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Notes: 1 Numbers in parentheses indicate the beginning of each page in the New York Edition of Italics and accent marks have been removed from foreign words. PREFACE v I recognise again, for the first of these three Tales, another instance of the growth of the great oak from the little acorn; since What Maisie Knew is at least a tree that spreads beyond any provision its small germ might on a first handling have appeared likely to make for it. The accidental mention had been made to me of the manner in which the situation of some luckless child of a divorced couple was affected, under my informant's eyes, by the remarriage of one of its parents--I forget which; so that, thanks to the limited desire for its company expressed by the step-parent, the law of its little life, its being entertained in rotation by its father and its mother, wouldn't easily prevail. Whereas each of these persons had at first vindictively desired to keep it from the other, so at present the re-married relative sought now rather to be rid of it--that is to leave it as much as possible, and beyond the appointed times and seasons, on the hands of the adversary; which malpractice, resented by the latter as bad faith, would of course be repaid and avenged by an equal treachery. The wretched infant was thus to find itself practically disowned, rebounding from racquet to racquet like a tennis-ball or a shuttlecock. This figure could but touch the fancy to the quick and strike one as the beginning of a story--a story commanding a great choice of developments. I recollect, however, promptly thinking that for a proper symmetry the second parent should marry too--which in the case named to me indeed would probably soon occur, and was in any case what the ideal of the situation required. The second step-parent would have but to be correspondingly incommoded by obligations to the offspring of a hated predecessor for the misfortune of the little victim to become altogether exemplary.

How Do Tropical Cyclones Form? In array for a tropical cyclone to appearance, several atmospheric and marine conditions be obliged to be met. They also need an atmosphere which cools fast enough along with increasing height so that the alteration between the top and bottom of the atmosphere can create thunderstorm conditions. A moist mid-troposphere 3 miles above what be usual is also needed because dry aerate ingested into thunderstorms at mid-level be able to kill the circulation. The force is greatest at the poles and nil at the equator, so the blizzard must be at least miles as of the equator in order for the Coriolis force to create the angle. This force causes hurricanes in the Northern hemisphere to rotate counter-clockwise, after that in the southern hemisphere to alternate clockwise. This spin may play a few role in helping tropical cyclones en route for organize. As a side note: the Coriolis force is not strong a sufficient amount to affect small containers such at the same time as in sinks and toilets. The belief that the water flushes the erstwhile way in the opposite hemisphere is a myth.

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