Encounters between humans and mountain lions are on the rise and experts tell us why

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A cougar was killed by a train in Randolph County in Another was killed by a bow hunter in Mercer County in A third cougar male was shot and killed in the Roscoe Village neighborhood in Chicago in April All were sub-adult 2 tp 3 year old males. DNA analysis indicates these four animals were genetically similar to cougars from South Dakota and strongly suggests that these are all wild males dispersing from that western population.

I really enjoyed reading about your approaches to look at cougars. But was wondering what might a structuralist anthropologist say about this practice and how it is reproduced and how altered cultures respond to it? I assume a feminist anthropologist could also about that gender roles are changing accordingly that middle aged women do not necessarily have be homemakers and mothers. They can be single and allow maybe not-so-serious relationships if they absence to. I think it is add accepted, though not entirely, for a woman to unmarried and childless all the rage her forties toady than it was a generation ago. Some Americans can think of this term as conflicting of being devoted to a ancestor, but that is not necessarily accurate. I also think traditional gender roles are relaxing because of a budding feeling that life is short after that we all need to make the most of it. This is allowing women to act as young at the same time as they feel, whether this means bearing trendy clothes, dying their hair en route for cover the gray, or dating a good deal younger men. Maybe there is the attraction of the younger men en route for the older , more well bad woman and that the man can be seeking or have a appeal to be with a higher socio-economic status and they can attain so as to by dating these older richer women.

Gossip headlines today: April 5, Catch ahead on the developing stories making headlines. On March 29, a Canadian care for fought off a juvenile male bundle lion that was attacking her 7-year-old son outside her home, but that's not the only dangerous encounter humans have had with mountain lions, additionally known as cougars, in recent months. In February, a trail runner all the rage Colorado choked a juvenile cougar so as to attacked him as he ran, after that in September, authorities said a backpacker found dead in Oregon was apt killed by a mountain lion. A minute ago in the past week, mountain lions have been spotted near people all the rage Albuquerque, New MexicoPalestine, Texasand Santa Barbara, Californiaaccording to reports. These are the reasons why humans may be encountering mountain lions more often, according en route for experts: Mountain lions population is escalate, biologists say The population of cougars has been increasing steadily for decades, Jim Hayden, a biologist for the Idaho Department of Fish and Amusement, told ABC News.

Bundle lion, puma, cougar, panther—this cat is known by more names than a minute ago about any other mammal! Mostly as it has such a large array, and people from different countries allow called it different things. Early Spanish explorers of North and South America called it leon lion and gato monte cat of the mountain , from which we get the appellation mountain lion. All of these names are considered correct, but in Southern California they are commonly called bundle lions. You may have heard of the Florida panther. It is die out, with only about 50 cats absent, and conservation efforts are underway en route for try to save it. Mountain lions are generally a solid tawny color, with slightly darker hair on the back and a whitish underside. Those living in warm, humid areas attend to to be a darker, reddish auburn color, and mountain lions found all the rage colder climates have thicker, longer beard that is almost silver-gray in color.

Analysis Issue In the summer ofI had just snuck into my cubicle by the back of the office by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources DNR in Madelia after days of traveling around southern Minnesota putting lap bands on geese and searching designed for collared white-tailed deer that the DNR was tracking. Coffee in hand, my computer sputtering to life after a few inactivity, I learned the news so as to a mountain lion had been struck by a train—in northern Oklahoma. The location surprised my office mates after that me; the large cats were by and large known to live in rugged, forested wilderness, not on prairies, and absolutely not in Oklahoma. John James Audubon produced this lithograph of a lady mountain lion and her cub all the rage the s after an expedition en route for the Missouri River. Mountain lions Puma concolor used to live throughout a good number of the Western Hemisphere, but declined after European settlement because of hunting and habitat loss. Long confined en route for western North America, the wild cats are now beginning to show ahead in the Midwest and even arrange the East Coast. What might Eastern residents expect as more cats action in? The kilogram, 2. The crossing the cat took, according to its radio collar, led me to accomplish that only weeks before I academic about it, I may have collective the same space with that actual cat—on the prairies of Kansas, of all places.

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