Devil Made Me Do It

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Decreasing What is the Tasmanian devil? These famously feisty mammals have a coat of coarse brown or black fur and a stocky profile that gives them the appearance of a baby bear. Most have a white stripe or patch on their chest and light spots on their sides or rear end. They have long front legs and shorter rear legs, giving them a lumbering, piglike gait. The Tasmanian devil is the world's largest carnivorous marsupialreaching 30 inches in length and weighing up to 26 pounds, although its size will vary widely depending on where it lives and the availability of food. Its oversize head houses sharp teeth and strong, muscular jaws that can deliver, pound for pound, one of the most powerful bites of any mammal.

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The real name of the gorge is Finnich Glen. So plenty of appealing names going on here! The easiest way to get to Finnich Glen is to drive. See the after that section for information on where en route for park.

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