Coming to Terms with Sexual Desire as a Single Woman

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It looks like they get to express themselves sexually any time they want to, and you wish you could do the same. How far can you go? What can you do? Your biological urge to be intimate with another human being was built into you by God. If the desire, the need, and the capacity for sexual intimacy is God-given, what do you do when getting that need met within marriage seems impossible? Other options are looking awfully appealing.

I remember the True Love Waits talks in middle and high school. The conversations I had with my friends—Christian and non-Christian alike—were the opposite of True Love Waits pamphlets. They generously shared about who they were dating and what they were doing. Accordingly I started to wonder if having sex outside of marriage was a big deal. But it became a big deal when they ended ahead brokenhearted, ashamed, and sometimes pregnant. All the rage light of teen pregnancy, STDs, after that a world brimming with promiscuity, the message I heard was sexual appeal had to be in the off-switch until I got married. Once the right guy came along, the on-switch could be turned on and adjourn on. Marriage sounded like it was about sex and little else. These mixed messages and my confusion a propos my desires and sex made my twenties confusing.

He also hosts The Flip Side Podcast. If you desire to be at no cost from lust, porn, and fantasy, you can join Noah and his band in an online small group by Beyond the Battleor get the boss guide to run your own arrange. Pornography and premarital sex are a minute ago distortions of what God made so as to is good: sex within marriage. Those sexual desires you feel are able, you just need to channel them into marriage.

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