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When possible, combine these habits to achieve maximum benefit for the brain and body. Start now. Several studies have found an association between physical activity and reduced risk of cognitive decline. Hit the books Formal education in any stage of life will help reduce your risk of cognitive decline and dementia. For example, take a class at a local college, community center or online. Butt out Evidence shows that smoking increases risk of cognitive decline. Quitting smoking can reduce that risk to levels comparable to those who have not smoked. Follow your heart Evidence shows that risk factors for cardiovascular disease and stroke — obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes — negatively impact your cognitive health. Take care of your heart, and your brain just might follow.

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How can I find partners experienced all the rage business organization, with experience and economic know-how? Host a breakfast or dine and invite four to six ancestor with business savvy to brainstorm along with you and do some creative problem-solving. Focus on areas that are a good number challenging for you and allow the participants to network with one a different. Find opportunities to expand your arrangement. Check newspapers and industry newsletters designed for companies or business groups that are scheduling events and contact them designed for an invitation. Ask people you appreciate about unpublicized events and, if they plan to attend, ask if you can join them. Get information ahead of time of time about the event, as well as who will be there, and arrange a second self-introduction, telling people can you repeat that? you do. Ask others how you can help them.

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