Graphic: Inside the report on mixed couples in Canada

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Curling has become universal. It has transposed into something recreational and we see it throughout communities, both in country club atmospheres and smaller, more intimate settings in underfunded neighborhoods. The sport began with a stone and a broom in the depths of Scotland in the s. Children, adolescents and adults play, from Canada to Sweden all the way to the U. In fact, Davis is the honorary captain for Team USA and advocates the diversification of curling for Black and indigenous people of color. But how did the sport reach this point?

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Manitoba Fearing 'second-hand victimization,' some newcomers can not reach out to women's shelters: advocate A lack of cultural accept in Manitoba's women's shelters is endangering some newcomer women and their children, who may feel they have denial choice but to remain in aggressive households rather than seek help, a concerned advocate says. Safe spaces so as to provide shelter and resources for women escaping domestic abuse are even add essential now, as research has shown a rise in the frequency after that severity of domestic violence during the COVID pandemic. She gave the case of a mother and her daughter who ate nothing but bread after that water for a week because a shelter didn't accommodate their religious dietetic needs. In yet another instance, Somakoko said she had to personally allure to the executive director of a shelter that was about to eject a woman who had come around to escape violence. The shelter had taken the woman's hesitancy to argue divorcing her abusive husband as attestation that she had made the complete thing up. But for many cultures, divorce is not something that is easily tackled. So you mean en route for tell me that this woman has a home… she's paying mortgage arrange her home [and] you think so as to she'd just leave her home all the rage the middle of the night en route for come into a crowded shelter as Despite the importance of shelters — the primary gateway for resources designed for women escaping domestic abuse —Somakoko says some immigrant and refugee women allow stopped reaching out to Manitoba shelters, because they fear they will be subject to second-hand victimization when they do.

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