The Feisty Feminism of 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' 30 Years Later

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We had a wonderful massage from Tanna, who was friendly and a great masseuse. She even told us both some things we could try at home to loosen tight muscles. It would have been a great experience had it not been for the owner, who also did our pedicures. She was rude- referred to me as that other girl because she never asked my name- even though we were there for close to 4 hours. My sister in law made the appointments telling them that we wanted to schedule several appointments but wasn't sure which ones. We told them when we arrived that we just wanted some time away from the kids and were both flexible about what types of services we had.

All Flows Named after the debut definite by Teenage Fanclub. This blog is all about being a music aficionado in Glasgow; reviews, interviews, memories, aged faves, new discoveries and more. Ancestor who love music, talking about composition. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is a cover version! I've checked after that it is true!

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