Kelly McParland: Quebec's image gets uglier with each new language-based attack

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In September, forty-eight-year-old Alex Montreuil had a sandwich thrown at him in a cafe at the Jewish General Hospital after speaking English to a woman behind the counter. As it happens, Montreuil has a severe allergy to tomatoes, and the tomato in the sandwich set off a dangerous reaction. We apologize, but this video has failed to load. Kelly McParland: Quebec's image gets uglier with each new language-based attack Back to video A few weeks later, a couple in Vaudreuil-Dorion, just outside Montreal, called paramedics when their two-year-old suffered a seizure. Mark Bergeron speaks French, but says he had trouble understanding the medical terminology used by the attendants and asked if they could have the conversation in English. Her life is in jeopardy, this is an emergency situation. Mina Barak, 23, said a dispute developed when the worker, at a Montreal metro station, refused to let her through the turnstile until a supervisor had been called. Barak was taken to hospital, and says she intends to press charges.

Acting leader Bob Rae asked how Michael Ferguson can adequately do his activity as the new auditor general devoid of the ability to speak French, after that released a letter to Prime Attend Stephen Harper in which he called for a new search for an alternate candidate. Quebec itself makes a small amount effort to ensure English-speakers get alike treatment to French speakers. We act contrite, but this video has failed en route for load. No mention of the Abundant party, because only parties running a full slate of candidates were built-in. Saskatchewan does have a Liberal Accessory , which is doing its finest to appear relevant. But if boss Ryan Bater manages to get elected, he would be the first Abundant to do so in a decade.

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