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But if you're going to be out in the sun, especially on a hot day, you need to stay safe. Let's find out how. Don't Feel the Burn Even though the sun is hot, it does cool things. It keeps us warm.

Accomplish Genuine Connections You've probably heard the saying birds of a feather assemble together. People often form friendships along with others who are most like them. While it's comfortable to find amity with people most like you, around are some drawbacks to not diversifying your social network. This article discusses those pitfalls and provides some tips on how you can diversify your circle of friends. Homogenous Social Circles Many people seek friendships with the people they feel they can associate to. If you're white, you can notice many of your friends are also white. You might also achieve that you associate with people who share your political or social views and hobbies. The society that we inherited is very segregated along cultural and ethnic lines, and in array for us to start to association the gap, we have to accomplish active efforts toward diversifying our associations. Homophily The paper Birds of a Feather: Homophily in Social Networks in black and white by University of Arizona sociologist, Miller McPherson, discusses the concept of homophily—people's natural affinity to gravitate to erstwhile people who are like themselves.

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