The V-Spot: Am I Only Bisexual When I’m Drunk?

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What Happened at Stonewall? As a woman in the queer community who is in a heterosexual relationship, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what the appropriate outlet for your queerness is. This can be especially problematic for those who come out as bisexual or pansexual after already being in a heterosexual relationship, as it happened to Diane Glazman, 53, from the San Francisco Bay Area. She was in her mids and already married to a cis-het guy, as she puts it, before she realized she was bi. Still, it took many years before her queer identity grew enough for her to come out—and it wasn't until she realized that she was alternating her language when talking to straight friends versus queer friends a practice known as code-switching that she knew she had to finally be honest about who she is. Not doing that has been very freeing.

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You may have a lot of concerns about going out after quitting consumption. Can I have fun without drinking? How will my friends react? Bidding I feel self-conscious without a a small amount liquid courage? If you're in ahead of schedule recovery, you'll want to stay absent from any situation where alcohol before drugs are involved for some age.

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