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Just like an in-person event, virtual events benefit from the use of an entire event technology platform that helps you promote, execute and manage your event. Below are the most important pieces of event tech to use when executing your virtual event. Event Website Your event website is used for event promotion. It serves the same purpose, regardless of whether the event is virtual or in-person. Your event website is your key promotional tool to interest potential attendees and entice them to register for the event. Your event website should communicate the value of your virtual event, contain the event schedule, showcase speakers, include FAQs, and point potential attendees to registration. Registration Registration is your first tool for data collection and critical to your event. Registration tools allow attendees to register for virtual events, submit preferences and personal information, and provide payment if required. A robust online registration tool allows attendees to register easily and provides planners and marketers with the data they need to plan a great event and prove event success.

This database features a large proportion of the Foundation's more than 25, academics sponsored worldwide. Can I conduct my research with two academic hosts? But the hosts work at different delve into institutes, they must each provide a host's statement and confirmation that delve into facilities can be made available. Bidding my host institute receive any add funds for the costs it incurs in connection with my research stay? There is no closing date designed for submitting applications. Applications are processed at the same time as part of an ongoing procedure. At the same time as soon as we have received your complete application we shall forward it to independent peer reviewers. Their in black and white evaluations will then be presented en route for the selection committee at the after that selection meeting at which a assessment will be made.

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