The Dirty Little Secret Online Dating Sites Don’t Want You to Know

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Pin0 Online daters beware: more options in the dating pool is not always better. The trend continued among married couples; a whopping 8 percent of married couples who met online separated or divorced during the study, while only 2 percent of offline couples parted ways. While many people claim they turned to online dating for a lasting relationship, only 32 percent of online daters actually reported relationships that resulted in marriage. Simply put: if you want a fling, go ahead and create an online dating profile. If you want a lasting relationship that is, as this study found, 35 percent more likely to result in marriage, matchmaking is probably the choice for you. Paul believes this discrepancy is due to the massive dating pool available online. This is the fatal flaw with online dating.

Equipment The dirty little secret of secret-sharing apps Whisper and Secret are having their mainstream moment thanks to exciting gossip about Gwyneth Paltrow. But how anonymous are they, really? Secret chipping in apps Whisper and Secret allow users to post information anonymously to their quickly growing communities. Secret has been become a buzzy Silicon Valley adorable, where anonymous posts about companies a propos to be bought are now body covered as news by sites akin to Valleywag. Whisper may be about en route for have its mainstream moment too.

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