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The Awesome Nature of Female Sexual Energy The Awesome Nature of Female Sexual Energy Sexual energy is the essence of the feminine, embodied in a woman just as consciousness is the essence of the masculine embodied in a man. We live in a non-dual universe, thus sexual energy does not stand alone, it's meant to be merged with consciousness. Sexual energy permeated by the light of consciousness is love, thus woman is the embodiment of love though it sometimes takes being penetrated by the light of consciousness embodied in a man for a woman to realize she is love - in the same way it often takes woman's love for man to realize his luminosity. In a non-dual world men of course men too have sexual energy, complementing their masculine consciousness. Being the very essence of a woman sexual energy does not go away. It is the ultimate life force continuously undulating through her body. Men's sexual energy on the other hand remains pretty much the same: being more attuned to the solar aspect his energy is steady like the rising and falling of the sun day by day. It is through a woman a man can expand a vocabulary of his sexuality. Going through her phases woman can initiate a man into the many different realms of sexual energy - provided she's completely attuned to the flow and comfortable with all the phases without suppression or restriction.

But this is a medical emergency, appeal , or visit the ER. All together, we can do this. Thank you for your support. We have altogether fallen for it …. But can you repeat that? happens when fairy tale and actuality collide? Low sexual desire is a common challenge among women. If a woman is sitting in my administrative centre because her sexual desire is a lesser amount of than she thinks or wishes it was, the numbers are irrelevant. This is about her and her distinctive experience.

Acquaintance The Love Life Blog Sex assistance, sex tips and relationship advice - s of articles containing real in a row and inspiration by leading sex after that relationships expert and educator Jacqueline Hellyer. The LoveLife Blog: guidance on alert, bodyful, soulful loving! This is why men generally tend to have a stronger libido, and why women allow a greater range and intensity of arousal and orgasmic response. The announce of all her sexual energy satisfies and nourishes him completely. In this way the sexual circuit is absolute and sex is a wonderfully fulfilling, healing, liberating and bonding experience designed for both of them. We do allow both masculine and feminine energies contained by us and a well-rounded person bidding have a reasonably good balance contained by them. There are also some ancestor whose energy is more the conflicting than their own gender. But designed for most people men tend to allow a fire-like sexual energy and women tend to have a water-like sexual energy. He can get an assembly with very little or no encouragement, he just feels horny.

Sexual Transmutation Throughout History Ancient cultures allow, for thousands of years, recognized the power and force of the libido. While some have condemned and feared it as the mighty force it is , others have celebrated after that channeled it. Apart from the Tantric and Taoist sexual energy practices, around are countless other references to the hidden powers within sex. Kabbalah, designed for instance, sees sexual desire as the deepest spiritual expression one can allow. In Sex Magick, it is educated that with enough will, we be able to transform the raw energy of our libidos into the transcendent power of creativity. As sexual energy is artistic energy, it makes sense to accomplish the most of its innate benefits. Just look at the likes of Immanuel Kant, Lewis Carroll, and constant Emily Dickinson — all practitioners of sexual transmutation in their own way! But imagine what would happen but you used that burst and announce of sexual energy toward fulfilling a dream or goal.

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